2022 FST International Open and State Team Trial POSTPONED

March 18 & 19, 2022 POSTPONED
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2022 FST International Open AND State Team Trials

DATES: March 18 & 19, 2022

LOCATION: Advent Fieldhouse and Conference Center 210 Cypress Gardens Blvd., Winter Haven, Florida 33880

REGISTRATION: To Register for FST’s State Open and Team Trial at www.FLaTKD.com  or https://FST-Event-Registration.spblive.net/  


Online Pre – Registration – Ends March 15th, 2022 – $100 Main Event and $20 per each additional event. 

Online Late Registration – Will be accepted till March 17th 10:30am – $120 Main event and $30 per each additional event.  

On-Site Registration – March 18th & 19th – $120 Main event and $30 per each additional event. On-Site Registration is firmly cut off at 9:00 am on March 19th, No exceptions.  

(Pair Poomsae, Team, and Demonstration Team is considered a secondary Event for each participant) 

Team Trial: Online Pre-Registration Fee $50. Late/On-Site Registration fee $60  

COACHES:  Online Registration only. Coach Registration Fee $50. Coaches for every 10 athletes you bring you would receive a free coach pass, if you already paid, we would reimburse you.  

SPECTATORS: General admission is $15 –children 5 and under are free.  

There will be NO Refunds for this event

Online Registration Information 

  • Applicants need to complete their Event Enrollment in all the Events they wish to participate in.  
  • In order for Applicants to see the Competitors within their Events you MUST complete the Event Enrollments in all your Registered Events.  
  • Applicants should enter their weight, in pounds, in the field labeled “Body Weight or Weight”. 
  • Applicants should enter their Taekwondo school name in the field labeled “Club Name”.  
  • Color belt Applicants may enter the following events – Sparring, Breaking, Weapons, Traditional, Pair & Team Poomsae and Demonstration Team.  
  • Black Belts may enter the following events – Sparring, Breaking, and Weapons, also Standard/Traditional forms or WT/USATKD Sport Poomsae (individual, pair and/or team forms).  
  • Each participant and Spectator must complete an Individual Entry Form and Waiver of Liability and submit them by the entry deadline Participants Mandatory Wavier: https://sparkpages.io/forms/?frm=Axi

    Spectators Mandatory Wavier: https://sparkpages.io/forms/?frm=Bxi 

 Schedule of Events  

FRIDAY – March 18th, 2022

12:00 pm – 8:00pm – Referee Seminar 

4:00 pm – 8:00pm – Credential Pick Up, Weigh-In, and On-Site Registration  

SATURDAY- March 19th ,2022

8:00 am – Venue Doors Open

8:00 am – Credential Pick Up, Weigh-In, and On-Site Registration

8:15 am – Referee Meeting

8:30 am – Mandatory Coach Meeting 

8:45 am – Initial Call for Competitors to the Holding Area

8:50 am – Opening Ceremonies

9:00 am – Competition Events Begin

  • World Class Sparring Seniors
  • Sports Poomsae Black Belts (Individual, Pair, and Team)

9:00 am – Registration Closes NO EXCEPTIONS 

9:00 am – Weapons

9:00 am – Breaking

9:30 am – Traditional Poomsae

11:00 am – World Class Sparring – Cadet & Junior

11:00 am Demonstration Team

12:30 pm – Grassroots & Color Belt Sparring All Competitors

Please See the Enrollment Page for Rule Details

Competitors will be listed on https://flatkd.com/competitors-listing/ after the Enrollment sections are completed and will be updated weekly

Schedule and events may be changed or amended as needed

  • Color Belt and Black Belt Sparring will occur simultaneously
  • Divisions maybe called out of order to expedite the event

Divisions List 

World Class Gyorogi – WT/USAT Scoring (Sparring):

  • Black Belts
  • Red Belts 

Grassroots & Traditional Color Belt Gyorogi (Sparring):

  • White Belts
  • Yellow
  • Green Belts
  • Blue
  • Red
  • Black Belts 

Goypka (Breaking):

  • White Belt
  • Yellow
  • Green Belt
  • Blue
  • Red
  • Black Belt 


  • White Belt
  • Yellow
  • Green Belt
  • Blue
  • Red
  • Black Belt 


Para Divisions Available

Weight Classes

 Combined Weight Classes will be in effect and at the Tournament Committees Sole Discretion. 


FST Chairmen & CEO – Master Mark Antonucci, 

(561)-231-9294 or MarkFST@FLaMartialArts.com

FST Director & Sparring Coach – Master Dennis White

FST Director, Sparring Coach & COO – Master Russell Beneby 

FST Director, Poomsae Coach & Athlete Representative – Master Angelito Ong

FST Director, Referee Chairman & Poomsae Head Coach Master – Jin Hwan Hwang

FST Director – Master James White

FST Director & Athlete Representative – Ara White 


FST Website: https://flatkd.com/  

Event Registration: https://fst-event-registration.spblive.net/ 

Participants Mandatory Wavier: https://sparkpages.io/forms/?frm=Axi

Spectators Mandatory Wavier: https://sparkpages.io/forms/?frm=Bxi

Electronic Sparring Equipment and Tournament Vendor: https://www.tkdscore.com/ 

    Sport Poomsae Competition Black Belts Only (Individual, Pair and Team) WT/USATKD Scoring (Poomsae Pro)

    Individual – Male & Female Divisions:

    • Youth (10-11)
    • Cadet (12-14)
    • Juniors (15-17)
    • 1st Senior (18-30)
    • 2nd Senior (31-40)
    • 1st Master (41-50)
    • 2nd Master (51-60)
    • 3rd Master (61+) 

    Traditional Poomsae (Forms) –

    Taeguk, Palgwe, ITF, any recognized taekwondo forms will be recognized:

    • White Belt – Poomsae of your Rank
    • Yellow – Poomsae of your Rank
    • Green Belt – Poomsae of your Rank
    • Blue – Poomsae of your Rank
    • Red – Poomsae of your Rank
    • Black Belt / 1st Dan / Poom – Poomsae of your Rank
    • Black Belt / 2nd Dan / Poom – Poomsae of your Rank
    • Black Belt / 3rd Dan / Poom – Poomsae of your Rank
    • Black Belt / 4th Dan & above – Poomsae of your Rank

    Traditional Pair Poomsae:

    • 14 and under (10-14)
    • Juniors (15-17)
    • 1st Pair (18-30)
    • 2nd Pair (31 +)

    Traditional Team Poomsae:

    • 14 and under (10-14)
    • Juniors (15-17)
    • 1st Team (18-30)
    • 2nd Team (31 +) 

    Age Groups 

    Poomsae (Forms – Standard/Traditional), Goypka (Breaking – Standard), Weapons –

    • (4-5), (6-7), (8-9), (10-11), (12-14), (15-17) (18 – 32), (33-40), (41-50) & (Over 50) 

    Sport Poomsae Individual:

    • Youth (10-11)
    • Cadet (12-14)
    • Juniors (15-17)
    • 1st Senior (18-30)
    • 2nd Senior (31-40)
    • 1st Master (41-50)
    • 2nd Master (51-60)
    • 3rd Master (61+) 

    Traditional Pair Poomsae:

    • 14 and under (10-14)
    • Juniors (15-17)
    • 1st Pair (18-30)
    • 2nd Pair (31 +) 

    Traditional Team Poomsae:

    • 14 and under (10-14)
    • Juniors (15-17)
    • 1st Team (18-30)
    • 2nd Team (31 +) 

    Team Trails Gyorogi (Sparring

    • Color belt Age Divisions: (4-5), (6-7), (8-9), (10-11), (12-14), (15-17), (18–32), (33-40), (41-50) & (Over 50)
    • Black Belt Age Divisions: (4-5), (6-7), (8-9), (10-11), (12-14), (15-17), (18–32), (33-40), (41-50) & (Over 50)

    Belt Ranking

    FST’s International Open and State Team Trial: Event divisions and all recognized ranks/belts are as follows: 

    • White
    • Yellow
    • Green
    • Blue
    • Red
    • Black Belts(A Poom Belt is a Black Belt). 

    All color belts with color tips will compete within the division of their belt color (i.e., blue belt with brown tip, entry division will be blue). 

    For all Sparring Competitors you may go up 2 belt levels. If you go up a Belt Level, just enroll as the higher belt in the Sparring enrollment section and wear your current belt at the competition.  No reduction of Rank is Allowed and if we see a Rank Reduction you will be disqualified. 

    We will be doing Kukkiwon Black Belt verifications.  

    Competition Rules 

    **Divisions may be modified by at the sole discretion of the tournament committee**  

    This tournament will be conducted in accordance to modified World Taekwondo and USA Taekwondo rules of competition. 


    • For Standard/Traditional Forms competition, any recognized Korean form is acceptable, and you will be competing in Competition Style (head-to-head) and with Double Elimination.
    • All applicants participating in the WT/USATKD Sport Poomsae competition will be required to present the designated poomsae for their division and belt. It will follow a modified cut-off method for competition 12 or less final round; 13 + preliminary and final rounds.
    • All Black Belt Sport Poomsae competitors will have electronic scoring, utilizing the amended USATKD & WT Rules.
    • Individual, Pair or Team Black Belt Poomsae Competitors can only compete in either Sport Poomsae or Traditional Poomsae not both.
    • Sport Team Poomsae events may consist of 3 male or 3 female athletes competing as a “team”.
    • Pair Poomsae events may consist of 1 male and 1 female athlete competing as a “pair”.


    • Breaking boards must be pre-purchased and will be supplied at the ring in the competition venue. All Boards are 3/8” x 9 x 12 Demonstration Board style. All breaking competitors must supply their own holders.
    • USATKD Standard Breaking Amended Rules are in Effect with a 5 Board minimum and 15 Board Maximum.


    Color Belts & Grassroots:

    • All USA Taekwondo Junior Safety Rules apply. 11 and under Color Belt divisions have no Head Contact Allowed. 12 and up color belts will be allowed head contact under Junior Safety rules.
    • Grassroots and Color Belts Sparring do NOT need electronic socks.
    • Grassroots 12-14 Cadet division has Light Head Contact and Junior Safety Rules are in Full Effect.
    • Color Belts all ages will follow USATKD Junior Safety Rules.

    World Class Sparring:

    • Sparring competition will be single elimination for ALL Color Belts and Black Belts.
    • For sparring competition, WT / USATKD Modified Rules will be used and no face shields.
    • World Class Sparring is available for Black and Red Belts From ages 8 and up.
    • Ages 7 and under Black Belt divisions have no Head Contact Allowed.
    • Ages 8 to 11 there will be light Head Contact and USATKD Junior Safety Rules will be in Full Effect.
    • Ages 12 and up will be Adult Rules
    • Black Belt World Class Sparring Junior division at age 17 may go up 1 age bracket. Ages are calculated
    • For all Sparring divisions all belts and all ages my go up 2 belt levels but you may not go down any belt level.  If you wish to up a belt level in Sparring just register as the higher belt but wear your current belt at the competition, this does not include any other division then Sparring.  We will be doing Kukkiwon verifications. 


    • All Competitors must where a Taekwondo V-Neck Uniform with appropriate trim on the collar. Only Black Belts with Black collar and Poom Belts with Poom collar and for all Poomsae events the Competitor has the right to wear a WT recognized Poomsae Uniform during Poomsae Competition. For World Class Sports Poomsae must wear WT recognized Sports Poomsae Uniform.
    • All Sparring competitors must wear WT style uniform, white, red or blue headgear (if red or blue headgear is required to matched with chest protector color) and, red and blue reversible chest protector, forearm guard, shin and instep guard, groin cup (males and females worn inside) and mouthpiece. Each competitor must provide his or her own equipment, WT approved hand protectors are optional.

    Electronic Sparring divisions –

    • All Red and Black Belts 10 years old and up will utilize the Daedo Electronic chest protectors. We will supply the Daedo Electronic chest guards and e-Head Gear. PARTICIPANTS ARE REQUIRED TO SUPPLY THEIR OWN DAEDO electronic socks. GEN 1 or 2 electronic socks are allowed but Gen 2 is recommended. You must supply you own Daedo electronic socks (Either Gen 1 or 2 electronic socks are allowed). If you do not have the electronic socks, you may purchase them at https://www.tkdscore.com/    


    • Gold, Silver, Bronze and Bronze medals will be awarded to the top four finishers in each event. Two Bronze medals will be awarded.
    • A team trophy will be awarded to the top Taekwondo School, with the largest number of participants. In case of a tie, the tie break will be based upon the number of 1st place finishes by each school. Please be sure to indicate your TKD school name when completing your registration form.

    Host Location

    AdventHealth Fieldhouse & Conference Center
    210 Cypress Gardens Blvd.
    Winter Haven, Florida 33880

    For More Information Please Contact:

    CEO Florida Sport Taekwondo Federation

    Master Mark Antonucci
    (561) 231-9294 or MarkFST@FlaMartialArts.com 

    Tournament Director Master Angelito Ong

                          Referee Chairman Master Jin Hwan Hwang