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2024 USATKD Florida State Championships and Florida State Team Trials

April 27, 2024
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2024 USATKD Florida State Championships and State Team Trials:

For the Complete and Detailed Tournament Manual Click Here  

Tournament Overview Brief

DATES:    April 26 & 27, 2024

Friday, April 26, 2024  Credential pick-up and Weigh Ins are (12pm to 3pm) & ( 5pm to 8pm)

Saturday, April 27, 2024 Florida State Championships (8:30am to 8pm)

LOCATION:  Sarasota County Fair Grounds, Robarts Arena, 3000 Ringling Blvd., Sarasota FL 34237 

Check-in & Weigh-ins will occur that this location as well.

REGISTRATION: To Register for FST’s State Open and Team Trial at www.FLaTKD.com or


Registration Help Contact

cssimmons@usatkd.org or ewininger@usatkd.org or Call USATKD at 719-374-5745

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Competition Venue

Sarasota County Fair Grounds,

Robarts Arena,

3000 Ringling Blvd.,

Sarasota FL 34237

Check-ins & Weigh-ins will occur that this location as well.

Event Spectator Tickets

day pass – $15.00              Children under 5 years – FREE

Admission tickets may be purchased with cash only and will be available at the time of weigh-in/credential pickup as well as at the door during the competition.

Hosted By:

Florida Sport Taekwondo Federation

Tournament Director / Officials:

Master Mark Antonucci, FST CEO, Chairman, Tournament Director

Master Russell Beneby, COO, Director

Master Dennis White, FST Director, Tournament Director Sparring

Master Angelito Ong. FST Director, 

Master Jin Hwan Hwang, FST Referee Chair & Tournament Referee Director

Master James White, FST Director, Tournament Official

Master Bill Ferkile, Tournament Operations Manager

Master Dr. Eric Gilson, Tournament Director Poomsae


Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/FLSportTKD

Website:   https://FlaTKD.com/

Event Contact

[email protected]

Contact Information:

Master Mark Antonucci, CEO Florida Sport Taekwondo Federation – 561-231-9294 or [email protected]

Master Dennis White, FST Director, Tournament Director Sparring

Master Jin Hwan Hwang, Referee Chairman – [email protected]


Event Registration: https://usataekwondo.sport80.com/public/wizard/e/288 

Mandatory Waivers for Attendance:



Electronic Sparring Equipment and Tournament Vendor: https://www.tkdscore.com/


This will be a 1-day event.

Saturday, April 27, 2024

All Poomsae competitions

All Sparring competitions

Note: For Poomsae, all color belt and 6–11 year-old Black Belt divisions have only two rounds, prelim and final. For any division with more than 9 competitors, the top 8 competitors will advance to the final round. For any division with less than 9 competitors, all competitors will advance straight to the final round. Competitors will perform one Poomsae for prelim and one Poomsae for the final round. Designated Poomsae will be released closer to the tournament date. 

All the other black belt divisions (individual age 12+, pairs and teams) will do WT cut off format performing one Poomsae for prelim, one Poomsae for semi-final round and two Poomsae for the final round. Designated Poomsae will be released closer to the tournament date.

All Belt Belts aged 12 and over will compete in the Recognized Sports Poomsae format. No exceptions. 

Note: Exhibition matches will be allowed as time permits AT THE END OF ALL REGULAR COMPETITION and with the permission of both competitors’ coaches and/or parents and/or guardians for minors. A list of single competitors will be posted on the website after registration closes. Please see the schedule for exhibition timing, if any occur. 

Weigh-ins are required for all sparring competitors. Weigh-ins will be held Friday, April 26, 2024 from 12pm-3pm and 5pm to 8pm at the venue site. 

All registrations must have been completed online PRIOR to the event. There will be NO onsite registrations accepted. 

Please check online at www.FlaTKD.com for official updates and notifications about this competition.



For the Complete and Detailed Tournament Manual Click Here  

Competitor Events

ALL participants (coaches and athletes) must register at: http://usataekwondo.sport80.com. The registration deadline is April 24th, 2024. 

Event Listings:

Sparring: Dragons, Tigers, Youth, Cadet, Junior, Senior, & Ultra

Recognized Poomsae

Freestyle Poomsae

Para Sparring K41 & K44

Para Poomsae (P20) & (P30)

Board Breaking 

Demonstration Team Competition 

Weapons Free-Style Competition 

Registration Type



Early Reg Each Event Final Reg
Athlete $80 April 14th, 2024 $20 April 24, 2024

Athlete Fees

In order to register on Sport80, make sure you choose the correct age (date of birth) and you must choose a rank (Color Belt) to let you choose a division and let you make a payment.

Payments must be made by registration due dates. If registration is not finalized by April 24, 2024, your registration and information will not be sent to us, and your registration will not be processed.

Therefore, no pending registration will be accepted after the close of registration date: April 24, 2024.

Check-in & Weigh in

Sarasota County Fair Grounds,

Robarts Arena,

3000 Ringling Blvd.,

Sarasota FL 34237

ALL COMPETITORS must check-in at registration for credential pick-up to be included in their division brackets. Check-ins will be held Friday, April 26, 2024 from 12pm-3pm and 5pm to 8pm at the venue site.  Sparring competitors who do not weigh-in will be disqualified.

Registration Checklist

Completing all items on this list will help ensure a speedy check-in and weigh-in process at the 2024 USATKD Florida State Championships.

  • Ensure you registered online & input your correct weight. NO ONSITE registrations will be allowed.
  • A valid form of ID: ID, U.S. Birth Certificate, Passport Book or Card, School ID or Report Card, Valid Driver’s License or Government Issued ID, or Military ID.
  • Sparring competitors: bring appropriate attire – refer to “Weigh-In Rules.”
  • Poomsae ONLY competitors must still check-in by 10:00am on Saturday in order to be on brackets, if not, they may be disqualified.
  • Bring payment if required: cash only. No Checks or Credit Cards.
  • Coaches must pick up during credential pick up times only.

Weigh-in Rules

  • ALL sparring competitors MUST weigh-in the DAY BEFORE the scheduled competition. A maximum of two (2) weigh-ins are allowed per athlete. The 2nd weigh-in must occur before registration is officially closed.
  • Contestants are required to show a valid form of ID to weigh-in.
  • Any irregular action by the competitor or coach during the weigh-in may result in disqualification from event participation.
  • Weigh-ins, for both males and females, shall be done in athletic clothing. A total of .1 kgs will be deducted from the weight on the scale. Under NO circumstance may an athlete weigh-in in the nude in the U.S. No sports bras or crop tops for females and males must wear a T-shirt.

Coach Fees

Registration Type



Early Registration Final Registration
Coach $65 April 14, 2024 April 24, 2024

Coaches must have current and up-to-date Safe Sport training and background check in order to participate in this event. All coaches must follow rules and regulations, keep in Martial Arts conduct, and abide by USATKD/PATU/WT rules and regulations.

No onsite registration for athletes or coaches. This includes adding events.

Any changes on site will have a minimum charge of $50 cash paid on site.

Coach Requirements

In addition to the coach’s attire and conduct requirements as outlined in the rules, there will be the following requirements:

  • Coach courtesy hold and match management:
    • First-round we will make accommodations for coaches with multiple athletes in separate rings.
    • Due to the scale and scheduling of this event, referees will be instructed to hold matches for a maximum of one minute prior to starting the match.
    • Once the division brackets and match orders are set by officials, no changes will be accepted on the floor.
  • Coach etiquette:
    • No recording video or pictures ringside or on the competition floor.
    • No phones, headsets, earbuds, etc. at ringside or on the competition floor.
    • No loitering behind the ring table.
    • No questions during the competition

Violations of etiquette may be penalized with a yellow card (sanction).

For the Complete and Detailed Tournament Manual Click Here 

We will be using the most current USATKD Rules as updated on the https://www.teamusa.org/usa-taekwondo/usatkd-referee-information website.

2023 USATKD Kyorugi Rules, click here to download

2023 USATKD Kyorugi Rules – Modified Head Contact, click here to download

2020 USATKD Poomsae Rules, click here to download

We reserve the right to update the Rules, upon any changes or updates made by WT or USATKD.

For More Information Please Contact:

Florida Sport Taekwondo Federation

Master Mark Antonucci, CEO
(561) 231-9294 or [email protected] 

Tournament Director Sparring – Master Dennis White

Tournament Director Poomsae – Dr. Eric Gilson

Referee Chairman Master Jin Hwan Hwang